How to prepare for the arrival of your live-in carer

In essence, the arrival of your live-in carer is similar to the arrival of a weekend guest. Primarily, they will need a comfortable and private space to sleep and find quiet time, and they will need access to bathroom facilities.

Sometimes there may be other relevant considerations, such as appropriate insurance if they will be using your car, or an arrangement about how they will pay for errands on your behalf.

Naturally, we will guide you through every step of the way and we will make sure you can be well-prepared for the arrival of your live-in carer.

Starting day

Your Live-in Care Manager will accompany your live-in carer on the starting day, to make sure you can both settle in and to answer any questions that may arise. In our experience, most client and live-in carer partnerships quickly work out how they want to work together and it usually doesn’t take long to find a comfortable routine that suits both parties.


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