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Career progress opportunities

In our experience, people sometimes discover talents they didn’t know they have, and they can flourish in roles they could never see themselves in. We’ve seen people being amazed to find out they are natural leaders, are good at chairing meetings, have splendid writing or organisational skills, or can guide others through challenging situations.


Many of our carers have moved on to different roles in the company. In fact, in January 2020, we discovered that our ‘operations’ staff in the office, i.e., those who make sure our carers have everything they need to do their job, had started their careers as a carer themselves.

We help you develop your talent


There are several ways to develop your talent, and we would love to help you find out what you are good at.


One way is to progress within your role as a carer, by following specialist training or obtaining accredited qualifications. For instance, we have several carers who are specialists in End of Life Care, have advanced knowledge of medication, or are experts in physical conditions like Dementia or Diabetes. Others have followed leadership training, becoming team leaders or managers.


Another way to develop your talent is to progress into a different role, usually in the office. For example, you may be interested in joining our On Call team, who support our carers after office hours. Or you may like the idea of becoming a trainer, using your experience and skills to prepare future carers for their role. Or have you ever thought about running your own team of carers? As a Team Manager, you support our carers while they are out in the community.


Carer,  Team Manager, Head of Visiting Care, Registered Manager

Jason was a carer before he joined our Visiting Care Team as a Team Manager.


After a few years of managing his own 'South Team', he moved on to become Head of Visiting Care and Acting Registered Manager.


Like most of our Team Managers, he completed his Level 5 in Leadership for Health and Social Care while working with us.


In February 2020, Jason officially became our Registered Manager.


Carer, Trainer, Live-in Care Manager (& Recruitment Specialist)

Marisa has been with us in several roles. She started her career as a carer in our Visiting Care Team, before moving on to become a trainer. She quickly became one of our most respected Induction Trainers, and she had a leading role in developing our in-house scenario training that we use as part of our Induction Programme.


In 2019, Marisa became a Live-in Care Manager, which enabled her to use all her knowledge and experience to support our live-in carers. In this role, she also took the lead on recruitment and retention of our live-in care staff. 

Why not give it a go?


We believe that the only way to find out what you enjoy and what you’re good at is by giving at a go. If you are interested in trying a different role, we love to give you the opportunity to test if it would suit you. Why don’t you come and spend a day working in the office? There is only one way to find out if you like it or not, and we are by your side to help you.


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