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Live-in carer Job Description & Person Specification

Live-in care jobs


Live-in carer job description & person specification

Job Title: Live-in Carer

Reports to: Live-in Care Manager

Salary: Ranging between £639.80 and £816.48 per week (pay rates as of 1 April 2020)

Job description

Job summary

As a live-in carer, you temporarily live with clients to offer them around-the-clock support with their daily activities. This can include helping with basic household maintenance, personal care, medication, complex physical conditions, running errands and supporting people getting out and about – or simply offering companionship.

How we operate


We support adult clients of all ages and levels of fitness. Most are aged 65 or older, and many have been diagnosed with complex medical conditions like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Multiple Sclerosis. Some live alone; some live with a spouse or a relative, and we can assist one or both partners. Many clients appreciate the company and for some, companionship is the main reason they come to us.

Currently, we have a team of approximately 35 live-in carers, who live with clients all through Herefordshire and neighbouring counties. Ordinarily we agree a weekly routine with the client, where you live with them for (for instance) 2 weeks and then have 2 weeks off – or a similar pattern. Every day, you are entitled to a 3-hour break.

We make sure you have got everything you need to feel confident in your role: you will be thoroughly trained and you will have a dedicated management team to support you. Your care managers will match you with compatible clients, help you settle in at your placements, and they are there for you when you have questions or need a sounding board.

Your responsibilities

As a live-in carer, your main responsibilities are to a) support our clients in a caring, empathetic way that meets company policies and relevant legal, regulatory and sector standards, b) record and report information, c) respect your client’s home, and d) be a constructive member of the team.

Supporting clients. You support clients in all areas of life. For instance, you will be expected to assist with basic household chores (e.g. cooking, cleaning, running errands, laundry), personal care (e.g. washing, dressing, toileting), getting out and about (e.g. visiting social events, appointments, or going on outings), medication management, or companionship (e.g. chatting, playing games). The role requires you to work independently and you will be expected to make decisions on your own – with the support of your Care Manager.

Recording and reporting. You will be expected to keep detailed records (e.g. medication charts, time sheets) and report relevant client information, such as changes in their condition or safeguarding concerns. 

Respecting your client’s home. We work in people’s personal space, and it is imperative that our live-in carers treat our clients, their property and their house rules with respect.

Being a constructive member of the team. We are a small, close-knit team, and we expect all our carers to contribute to the team’s aims and atmosphere. This includes communicating clearly and openly, raising concerns timely, and attending team meetings.

Be aware that the role requires physical effort (including sitting, standing, carrying, walking, moving and handling people), mental effort (including dealing with emergencies and short-notice changes to work in a fast-paced environment) and possible emotional/psychological effort (including dealing with bereavement and challenging behaviour in a potentially stressful environment).


We will make sure you receive the training and tools you need to fulfil the role. We expect all our staff to complete a (paid and certificated) 5-day induction course on Health and Social Care with our sister company Kemble Training, and a 6th day scenario training with Kemble at Home.  While employed with us, you are required to complete mandatory refresher training and you have the opportunity to follow specialist courses in various topics like Mental Health Awareness, Diabetes Awareness, and specialist medication training e.g., peg tube training.

Person Specification


Our ideal live-in carer has an open-minded, optimistic and proactive attitude. They are empathetic, enjoy meeting new people and doing things that make others feel good, and they are good at ‘just making things happen’. Moreover, they are practical and punctual, well organised and feel comfortable making decisions on their own.

Attitudes, skills and expertise

As a company, we work hard to maintain a company culture where we can all feel safe, work hard, and have fun – and we expect our staff to contribute to a positive atmosphere.

As a live-in carer, your role is to provide empathetic and caring support to others, sometimes under difficult conditions. You are expected to be professional, open-minded and respectful towards our clients, you need to be flexible and tolerant, and willing to assist with intimate tasks like washing, dressing, and toileting.

Social and communication skills are paramount in this job. You will need to be able to communicate clearly and openly with your clients and their family members, and you may need to liaise with other healthcare professionals involved in the support of your client.

Your responsibility to record and report requires you to be well-organised, observant, and have efficient time-management skills. You will also need to have (or obtain) knowledge of relevant legislation and regulation.  

Experience in social care and knowledge of the Health and Social Care Act and CQC regulation are helpful but not essential.