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How we train our live-in carers

How we train our live-in carers

We want you to feel comfortable in your role, and we want you to be confident that you can manage any situation you may find yourself in while you are with your client. We make sure that you are trained to the highest standards before you go out to meet our clients.

Induction Training


Before we introduce you to our clients, you will be required to complete our 6-day Induction programme. Our Induction is developed to give you all the skills and tools that you need to do well in your role, and many of our staff have told us that our training programme is the best they have received in their careers in social care.


Day 1-5: Care Certificate


In the first five days, you will receive a comprehensive introduction to social care. The Induction training is developed around Skills for Care’s ‘Care Certificate’, which is an agreed set of fifteen standards that define the knowledge, skills and behaviour expected of people working in the health and social sector.


In addition to the Care Certificate, the Induction programme covers topics like the Mental Capacity Act, Moving and Handling, Mental Health and Dementia, and First Aid.


Do you already have care experience? If you can show that you have substantial experience working as a carer (for example, you have a Care Certificate) it may be possible to get exemption from (elements of) the Induction Training. Give us a call at 01432 382 017 and we’ll talk it through!


Day 6: welcome to Kemble at Home


On the sixth day, we take the time to get to know each other a bit better. You will meet the people you will be working with, and we will tell you all about who we are, what we stand for, how we work, and how we will support you while you are with us. We will do some scenario sessions that help you be prepared for any situation that you may come encounter in your job.


When you have successfully completed the Induction Training, you will be ready to meet our clients. Of course, we won’t send you out into the community ‘just like that’, we will be with you every step of the way. We will introduce you to our clients, help you settle in, and we will stay in close contact with you until you feel comfortable working on your own.

Refresher and specialist training


We offer our staff regular refresher training to make sure your knowledge and skills on relevant topics remains up to date with the latest legislation, regulation, and sector standards. For example, we offer regular refreshers on First Aid, Moving and Handling, Safeguarding, Medication and other topics.


In addition, you will have the opportunity to follow a range of specialist training programmes, such as the leadership training or courses in topics like Dementia, End of Life Care, Medication, Health and Safety, or Emergency First Aid.

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