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Our company culture

Our company culture

We are a company with a strong team spirit, and we work hard to create a place where everybody can feel safe, work hard, and have fun.

Why we celebrate our carers

At the time of writing, we have a team of about 120 carers at Kemble at Home. About one in five (!!) of our visiting care staff have worked for the company for more than ten years, and our ‘oldest’ carer has been with us for more than twenty years.

Normally in the home care sector, staff turnover is very high, and most companies struggle to hold on to their staff. We are very proud that we have such an incredibly loyal, strong, and long-standing team, and we firmly believe that our company culture is the key to our success.

For one, we don’t really have a hierarchy: carers are as important (if not more important!) as the managers or the director, and we believe that our carers often know better than anybody how we can support a client best.


We celebrate our care staff. We look after them, so that they can look after our clients. We give them responsibility, we trust their professional opinion, and we encourage them to develop their talents.


We dare say that we have good attitude, and we are very proud that it has won us the Care Employer Award at both the Great British Care Awards as the Hereford Times Health and Social Care Awards in 2019.

Our principles

Our approach is unique, and we are proud of it. We have thought long and hard about how to support people in a way that is personal, flexible, and simple. We live by a handful of principles, which tell you everything about who we are and who we aspire to be.

We ask 'Why'

We always go back to why we do what we do. With each step we ask ourselves: does this make life better for our clients and carers? If the answer is ‘No’, we find a different way of doing it.

We keep it simple

Life is complex enough as it is. We think ‘simple’ is easier to understand, easier to communicate, easier to improve, and easier to remember.

We trust people

Feeling trusted brings out the best in all of us. We give people the space and confidence to make decisions and mistakes, encouraging them to trust their instincts.

We start with 'Yes'

We believe that anything is possible. We are optimistic and creative, we love new ideas, and we focus on solutions.

We keep learning

We want to be better than we were yesterday. We don’t get stuck in our ways, we learn from each other and we learn from our mistakes.

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