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Self-managed live-in care

Would you rather employ your live-in carer yourself? At Kemble at Home Live-in Care Specialists, we also offer a self-managed live-in care service, whereby we act as an introduction agency.

Under our self-managed live-in care service, we help you find a self-employed live-in carer, which means that you have the freedom to make all the arrangements about how you would like to work directly with your live-in carer.

How does self-managed live-in care work?


The main benefit of self-managed live-in care is that we help you find a person that suits you, and that we carry out the necessary checks to verify your live-in carer has the appropriate training and experience and is eligible to work in the care sector. We check their backgrounds, including whether they have any criminal antecedents, and we will introduce you only to carers who we believe would be a good match.

As long as your live-in carer lives with you, we are there to assist where needed. You will have your own named contact person in the office, who will touch base with you regularly to discuss how you are getting on. If you need some advice about your arrangements with your live-in carer, or if you would like to try working with a different carer for a while, we are there to help.

With self-managed live-in care, you arrange the details of how you would like to work directly with the live-in carer. You agree rates of pay with them, how you wish to be supported, your daily routines, and any other requirements.


Kemble at Home Live-in Care Specialists charges an introduction fee and then an ongoing fee throughout the period of care. We can offer self-managed live-in care throughout England and Wales.

To find out more about our self-managed live-in care Service, contact us at Live-in@kembleathome.co.uk or 01432 382 017, or download our self-managed live-in care brochure.