Starting live-in care

On the next pages, we explain in detail how we approach live-in care. We discuss what you can expect from us at every step of the way: how we find out how we can best help you, how we find the right live-in carer for you, and how we make sure you have everything you need while we support you. Here you will also find our rates and some guidance on available financial support for live-in care.

‘We keep it simple’ is one of our key principles, and we make getting live-in care as easy and straightforward as possible.


The very first thing we do when you contact us, is to allocate you a named contact individual in the office. Your ‘Live-in Care Manager’ will be your primary contact while we set up and deliver live-in care for you.


Their role is to support you and your live-in carer; they will guide you throughout the entire process and will touch base with you regularly to discuss how things are going. You can ask them anything – they are just a phone call away.


Together, you and your Live-in Care Manager will decide what type of support would suit you best, and how you would like to work with us.

Step 1. We find out how we can best support you


Your Live-in Care Manager will come to visit you at home so that they can introduce themselves, explain how we work and find out how we can best help you. We find that an informal chat is the best way to get to know each other, and spending some time together lays the ground for easy communication later on.


During this visit, your Live-in Care Manager will try to get an idea of how you live and how you like to spend your time, so that we can match you with a suitable live-in carer and prepare them for their role. For example, your live-in care manager is likely to ask you about your hobbies, interests, what a good day looks like for you, and whether there are any conditions (like illness or reduced mobility) that prevent you from doing the things you enjoy.


Visiting you at home also gives us the opportunity to get a feel for the type of environment our live-in carer will work in. For example, if there are pets in the house, we will introduce you only to live-in carers who are not allergic to or scared of animals.

Step 2. We find the right live-in carer for you

After we have visited you, we set out to find a live-in carer who we believe you would trust and get on with. Inviting someone to live in your home is a big step and it is absolutely essential that you and your live-in carer get on well, so we make sure we get the match right.

In finding the right live-in carer, we look at background, interests, hobbies, personality type, and other relevant factors. We will introduce you to one or several members of our team and you can choose the person you feel most comfortable with. When both parties are happy, we can often start live-in care very soon. 

Sometimes, we will suggest recruiting a carer specifically to match a particular client. For example, we have had great success matching clients who live in rural areas with a live-in carer who has affinity with the countryside, or bilingual clients with a carer who speaks their native tongue.  

Step 3. We agree the nitty gritty of how you would like to work with us

Together, we will agree the details of the partnership, including the live-in carer’s responsibilities, your preferred routines, and how you would like to work with us.


Most client-carer partnerships quickly settle into a routine that suits both of them, and you can arrange directly with your live-in carer how you would like to work together.

Step 4. We can get started


Once we have found the right person for you, we can usually start live-in care straight away. We will always be as flexible as possible and we may be able to move very fast if the situation demands it.

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