How we work

Starting live-in care

Before your live-in carer arrives

While your live-in carer stays with you

Naturally, we keep in close touch with you and your live-in carer while they are staying with you. Your Live-in Care Manager will contact you regularly to discuss how things are going and if you are happy with the support you receive.

What you can (and cannot) expect from your live-in carer

Your live-in carer can support you in all areas of life. They can help with basic household chores like cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry. Some of our live-in carers love to cook or bake, while others have green fingers and are great at keeping your garden tidy.

Companionship is an important element of live-in care; your live-in carer may be delighted to play a game, go out for walks, join you for a cup of coffee or hop on the bus to see a film in town.

Often, our live-in carers play an important role in helping people manage complex medical conditions like Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes or MS. They can liaise with other healthcare professionals, they can support with medication, and they can help with personal care or mobility.

Our carers are not trained nurses, and they are not allowed to perform certain tasks such as administering medication or feeding through a peg – unless they are qualified to do so.

Please keep in mind that we can provide a wide range of specialist training to make sure your live-in carer is fully prepared to help out with highly specific activities. If you are unsure whether you can ask your live-in carer to do something, just give us a ring and we will help out.

If things don’t go as planned

The relationship between you and your live-in carer is of the utmost importance and if either or both parties are not happy with the working relationship, we will do whatever we can to help find a solution.


We pride ourselves on being very flexible and able to move fast when required, and if things don’t work out, we will of course try to find you an alternative live-in carer.


Rest assured, however, that in the many years that we have matched clients with live-in carers, this has been a very rare occurrence. In – by far – the majority of cases, we have managed to find a good match.


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